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Oban's Dundee


April 2nd, 1991 - September 2nd, 2004

Dundee head pic.jpg

Dundee (named after Dundee, Scotland) was an exceptional dog with all the desireable qualities you wish for in a Golden. He was my first dog, who captured my whole heart. He exceeded in obedience as well as in the show ring. As I was not able to show much at the time, his career in the show ring was limited. Nevertheless, at his first show at 2.5 yrs old at Place Bonaventure in Montreal he placed "Reserve Winners' Dog" in a very large Open Class . Regretfully he was never used as stud dog as our breeding plans had not yet begun. He was again shown at Place Bonaventure and won Veterans Sweeps.



He is dearly missed everyday. He lived to 13.5yrs old and sadly died of cancer.

He'll always be in my heart. A once in a life time dog.

IMG_0022.JPG.w240h185 dundee.jpg
img_0040.jpg.w240h215 dundee.jpg
IMG_0020.JPG.w240h223 dundee.jpg
cid_000e01c7cb2305412dc06501a8c098win.jpg.w240h240 eric.jpg

Eric, Dundee's sire

Ginger, Never to be forgotten.

Ginger was our family's dog. She was my very first introduction to golden retrievers, and although I was too young to appreciate the breed back then, she was my faithful pool companion, showing me how to dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve objects we would throw in for her, she never failed to bring them up to us, a true retriever!

IMG_0014 ginger.jpg
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