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Camrose Lily Norsehaven 


Aug. 29th, 2007-Oct.23rd, 2016


Winnie came to us at the end of October 2007 at 8 weeks old from Camrose Kennel in England. Within a couple days she fit right in with the others. From day one her nature was very pleasing, joyful and so bright. At only 10 months she was very balanced, excellent forehand, short coupled, straight level topline and very beautiful pleasing head and expression. Her movement was light and effortless. She was ready, willing and able for anything asked of her. She had excellent retrieving skills and was a good swimmer! She was always happy and smiling. Many thanks to Joan and Rosemary for entrusting us with Winnie. She was an incredible pleasure and joy to have and to love. We miss her dearly.

Winnie at 10 months with her inseperable

best friend Bayleez. Taken July 11th 2008

Hips/Elbows: OVC- Normal-0040794

Hips BVA- Right= 5; Left= 3 Total hip score 8

Eyes: CERF- clear Apr. 2011 and PRA1-clear (AHT-cert.)

Heart- OFA- GR-CA16558/22F/S-VPI

                      (Normal-Specialist- Dr. Bélanger)

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