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CH.Norsehaven Top Notch Taffy
May 21st, 2008 - 

IMG_0312.JPG.w560h420 tiffany.jpg

Tiffany but we call her "Ti-Ti" (pronounced Tee-Tee) ; after trying several names is what best suits her and has wonderful childhood memories for me. She was our pick of the litter from Jasmine and Oslo.  As we were not planning to keep any from this litter, at this time, we reluctantly let her go to a new home. Unfortunately she did not fare well and we were happy to have her back at  four months old (call it fate!). We restored her weight back to normal and she is now healthy, happy and such a pleasure to have around. Had she been a male we would have named her "Braveheart" as she is fiesty and strong and has incredible will . She is lovely in conformation, easily biddable and fit in with the others from day one. Her temperament is absolutely wonderful; playful, low-key, sweet and very gentle.  We are very proud to have bred her and feel she is an excellent representative of the breed. She is finally mature at 3 years old and will be shown this year in 2011.

TiTi New Champion Group 2nd 2013.jpg

Tiffany pictured above never liked shows much but she finished her Champion title in great style and in only a few shows. She needed 2 pts to finish and won over specials and over 15 dogs all together. She won winners bitch, best of winners, best of breed and a group 2nd for 163pts! As she is herself "It's all or nothing"! We are proud to have bred her as she pictures a well proportioned golden of correct type and temperament. See our progeny page for some of her kids as well as siblings


Hips/Elbows: Apr. 2010 Normal OVC- 0042394

Eyes: Clear Sept. 2011 (PRA-clear by DNA tested parents)

Heart: OFA GR-CA16559/13F/S-VPI-ECHO

Thyroid: clear by OFA (2011) To be repeated every 2yrs thereafter.

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