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CH. Norsehaven Ossian MacCool BPIG - 'Oscar'

DSC_0430 Oscar.jpg
Oscar 16may22.jpg
DSC_0441 (2) Oscar.jpg

Oscar is our Bayleez and Dolly son from artificial insemination. He is his father's son in every way. He is very sweet, extremely funny and enjoys life to the fullest. He is a natural show dog and is very good at all he takes on. At now nearly 2 years old, he is 23.5 '' at the withers. He moves lightly and effortlessly with great reach and drive. He is a pleasure to watch in the ring, not missing a beat and tail always wagging. He is a lovely picture of balance and not overdone in any way. Full dentition and correct scissor bite. He still has much ''filling'' out to do which will come with age. We are very proud to have bred him.

Hips: BVA 4:4

Elbows: BVA 0:0

OFA Heart: (awaiting certificate)

OFA Eyes:  GR-EYE28870/16M-PI

prcd-PRA status:Animal Genetics Clear

PRA1 status:Animal Genetics Clear

PRA2 status:Animal Genetics Clear

Ichthyosis status:Animal Genetics Clear

DM status:Animal Genetics AND MD Clear

NCL status:Clear Animal Genetics

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