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Mjaerumhögda's Kari av Norsehaven CGN
May 30th 2005 - July 9th, 2018


Brockville Show 001 jasmine & emily.jpg

Jasmine (Princess Jasmine) was a light golden from Norway. She weighed 62lbs and stood 22.5 inches at the shoulders. She had light-medium  sized bone and a lovely feminine head with pleasing expression. Her  movement  showed  soundness and promise .  Her topline was level. Very nice front and forechest. Black pigment. She was a very well balanced girl and presented a complete picture of soundness and exellent structure and angulation. Good bend in stiffle. Her nature was  very pleasing and soft. She was eager to learn and loved to play with the other dogs. Very bright girl who excelled at obedience. 


Jasmine produced 3 wonderful litters for us and was halfway to her Can. Championship but as she didn't enjoy the show ring, we decided her mental wellbeing was more important and let her do her thing at home!

PenHip 70th Percentile; DI. (L).48 ; (R) .43

Hips: OFA "Good" GR-94604G31F-PI

Elbows - OFA "normal" GR-EL17191F31-PI

Heart clear 2007

Eyes clear Apr. 2011, and PRA1-Clear (AHT-cert.) 2011

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