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Stoneleath Bunches of Holly (Holly)

Holly came to us in 1995. She's was light to medium golden with a beautiful temperament. In her prime she was a 68lb girl and stood 21.5 inches at the withers. Ever so obedient from day one she never wore a lead and prefered heeling instead. We said fine! She was Dundee's companion and now she was the mentor to the young ones. Holly was never bred which was a shame but not in our program at the time. She was a great quality dog with wonderful angulation, level topline and had great reach and drive even at nearly 11yrs old. She has always  loved to retrieve and swim. She voluntarily retired herself from hunting. Most of all she was a loving family pet who we loved dearly.

Holly.jpg.w300h206 holly.jpg
img_0044.jpg.w240h196 holly.jpg
IMG_01102.JPG.w240h185 holly.jpg

It has taken me over a year after her passing to share how great Holly was. From when I got her she stuck close by on our off lead walks . Picking up the smallest twig and carrying it so proudly. She continued this for her whole 14 years! She ventured into the Riviere du Diable up north in March at 4 months old, loving the water, but very cold at this time, and the expression on her face was priceless! She was the most obedient dog without having done one class. A fantastic swimmer who has taught the younger dogs 'how it's done'. She loved to mentor the younger dogs; wise beyond her years! We will miss her so much as she was very special and such a pleasant dog to own. Good-bye my Holly you were a great joy in my life and I am so happy you are not suffering anymore.

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